Liberty CNC


Liberty CNC was founded in 2018, merging a set of skills, knowledge, and experience unique in the CNC industry. We integrated CNC machining experience, engineering experience, aerospace quality, and FAA certification. This enabled us to build a company that delivers exceptional services to meet a wide range of customer needs, including those in highly regulated environments.

Today, we employ a growing team of machinists, quality inspectors, support personnel, and trainees. Besides providing top skilled machining to our customers, our skilled staff provide on-the-job-training to those starting out in our industry.

We look forward to continuing to meet the needs of our customers and supporting American manufacturing from our new location in Cocolalla, Idaho.

Brad Stevens

Brad Stevens, the Chief Executive Officer, holds BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Arizona State University. He is a licensed PE in the state of Idaho and is a Consultant FAA Structures Designated Engineering Representative. As a managing partner, he is active in corporate development, strategic planning, and customer relations.

Brad has 11 years of aircraft maintenance experience in the US Air Force and 20+ years of aviation engineering, design, and manufacturing experience. Career specialization in structural component design, testing, and fabrication, has enabled him to guide the development and operations of our quality processes specific to the needs of the aviation industry.

Currently, he resides near Sandpoint, ID with his wife, Jenny and their 6 children.

Johnny Soderberg

Johnny Soderberg, the Chief Operating Officer, holds a certificate in machine Technology and Programming from North Idaho College and a Mastercam Professional Certification through Mastercam University.

More than a decade of experience as a CNC Machinist and Programmer enables him to guide every step of the machining process for maximum quality and customer satisfaction. As a managing partner, he is also active in corporate development, strategic planning, and customer relations.

Currently, he resides in Sagle Idaho with his wife Wynn.

Jenny Stevens

Jenny Stevens, the Chief Financial Officer, holds a BS degree in Mathematics from Hillsdale College and an MS degree in Mathematics from Claremont Graduate University. As a managing partner in the company, she is active in corporate development, strategic planning, customer relations, document preparation and review, as well as mathematical consulting.



The ultimate purpose of our lives and business is to glorify God and not ourselves.


Adherence to God’s absolute standard of morals and ethics to the best of our ability maintains our integrity in every aspect of life and business.

Personal Ownership

We strive to be resolute, responsible, and accountable in all our actions.


Personal ownership of our actions allows us to realize our freedoms within moral responsibilities.

Evident Excellence

We strive to provide products and services whose excellence is demonstrable.